Tech Sheets

Tailwheel Troubleshooting

We’ve compiled a list of common issues that we see with the Van’s type tailwheel assemblies, along with simple solutions. Before we get started, let’s define a few key pieces of terminology so we’re all using the same words for the same parts. Forgive the crude Sketchup drawing here: A few common issues and how …

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Instruction Sheets and Product Documents

Tailwheel Installation and Maintenance Documents A collection of information regarding tailwheel maintenance, assembly, and installation. Tailwheel Installation and maintenance Tailwheel mounting kit assembly Drilling the Tail Spring Converting from an older bent-spring, non-swiveling Van’s tailwheel Changing a Mounting Socket Replacing the Aviation Products Tailwheel Troubleshooting the Tailwheel Assembly Addressing Tailwheel Shimmy in RVs More Tailwheel …

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